Friday, October 07, 2011

So I have this theory

Subaru owners are not content to use their cars to drive from scenic point A to recreational point B.  They also want their fellow motorists to get to know them on a personal level.  They want to us to get them.  They want us to know that they totally dig nature on a much more profound level than the common man.  Oh, and in case you can't extrapolate from the 15 - 20 stickers on the back of the Forrester in your lane, they want you to know for whom they vote.  You better believe there is some consistency as to the voting patterns of Subaru owners.

So I started to wonder:  what would happen if you were to put a conservative-leaning sticker on the back of a Subaru?  Could  it even happen?

Here is my working hypothesis:

GOP Sticker





Of course, I can't test my theory, because I would never put the live of loyal retrievers at risk ... oh, and people, too (but mostly retrievers).