Thursday, November 30, 2006

What's the catch

We were in Saratoga, Wyoming for the holidays a couple of years ago. When Matt went to the Doughnut Ranch to buy some breakfast, he had a peculiar exchange with the Doughnut Ranch pasty associate .

(Have you noticed that everyone is an "associate" these days? Weird.)
MATT: Hi, I'd like to get a dozen doughnuts.
PASTRY ASSOCIATE : Okay. Would you like fresh doughnuts or day-olds?
MATT: What is the difference in cost?
PASTRY ASSOCIATE: They're the same price?
MATT: Does anyone ever get the day-olds?
(That's not the kind of logic that will help her make Pastry Partner)


free cone said...

Doughnut Stampede!

Reluctant Kerry said...

Doughnut Rustlers!

devn3t said...

haven't seen you post in a while...that's too bad, I liked this blog!