Friday, September 15, 2006

Gridiron Guideline

It is football season once again.

(Go Pokes!)

Just a basic reminder for you athletes out there:

It is NOT okay to rough the Jesus!

(I'm thinking #21 just cost his team 15 yards)



Pete said...

Oh, man that is funny. It might just be because you said, "rough the Jesus". I laugh like a hyena when people put the infront of things that don't require it. (see: The Chad, The Todd, etc)

Anonymous said...

Didn't know Jesus runs the option. I sure hope he isn't past the line of scrimmage though, because that is clearly a forward lateral. What does the Bible say about whistling our Lord and Savior for a 10 yard penatly?

Anonymous said...

Clearly Christ is receiving the lateral pass or hand-off... #21 seems to be hitting the receiver before he has possession.

Going straight to hell just for the sake of a tackle.

Tsk, tsk.