Monday, October 08, 2007

Little Miss Silver Lining

Sadly, four months after the birth of wunderkind Max, my hair has begun to fall out by the fistfull.
On the upside, however, I can finally exact my revenge upon my basset hounds by shedding on THEM for a delicious change!
Take THAT, you furry little bastards, you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how sad. My hair always fell out during pregnancy, but this time it hasn't yet. We will see what happens after the baby is born. Amazingly, when your hair falls out like that it never seems to get thinner.

Shelly said...

Ah yes. The ol' hair-falling-out-postpartum. Yes, I do recall that. My bathtub drain still hasn't quite recovered. The reassuring part is that it will quit and you will most likely not have any bald spots.

On the topic of hair, at some point either during the last part of pregnancy or immediately postpartum I ceased to grow any hair!! I loved it! It was so luxurious to not have to shave the pits! I want to bottle it and sell it. I will make millions!!