Monday, July 28, 2008

The traffic is a bit . . . different out West

By way of update, we bought a new house, I started a great new job, and the commute is breathtakingly beautiful.

My complaint: the traffic!

It took me more than two hours to get to work one day last week. I would have taken a different route to work, but no one warned me there would be a cattle drive in the middle of the interstate that morning.

Here's the picture message I sent to my boss:

Running late. Cows.


Michael said...

Just have to say Thank You! I spent the last 5 hours reading your blog. Your are absolutely hilarious!! I originally google'd Demotivational pictures. I ran across your pregnancy test one and clicked in to the blog. I used up half of my boring day laughing my a** off.
Dont be so hard on your toes. My wife has the shortest toes I have ever seen, they appear to be the result of a terrible flintstoneing accident.
I will keep a keen eye out for your rogue toe pictures and will continue to read. Thank you again


Reluctant Kerry said...

Hey Mike. Thanks for the wonderful praise. Did my mother put you up to this? No matter, I still loves me some blog-comment-validation!

Much appreciation to you and your nubby-toed spouse.

Tell your friends!

(I wouldn't necessarily tell them the part about spending 5 hours during a week day perusing blogs . . . )

Deirdre said...

haha! that's great. congrats on the house, job, move.