Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Not funny “ha-ha” – funny “weird-and-creepy”

You may not find this too hard to believe, but not everyone thinks I am particularly witty. Today’s telephone call from a wrong number is illustrative:

ME: Hi, this is Kerry.

CALLER: Well, it’s not supposed to be.

ME: You sound like my mother’s obstetrician.





Cobes said...

ha ha! Reminds me of a call I had with a Verizon rep:

V: And who am I speaking with?
me: Coby
V: Thank you Coby, and may I call you Coby?
me: uh, yeah...wait, I'd prefer if you call me Veronica
V: (very very long pause...finally she speaks hesitantly...) Um, ok Veronica...how can I help you?

Not even so much as a chuckle! Meanwhile I"m wetting myself. Oh, if only people knew as well as I do how freakin hilarious I am!!

Love your blog!
Coby (hater of raisins from several blog posts ago)

Deirdre said...


I love coming to this blog. You are freaking hysterical.

I emailed the link to The Impaler to everyone I know and we all had a good yuck about that one.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, remember answering the phone in Pamida? Hello, this is Kerry in the wrapping paper isle!


Reluctant Kerry said...

Coby: Welcome back fellow raisin hater. I had a business breakfast this morning wherein I struggled to discretely remove the copious raisins from my granola. Blech.

Deirdre: Thanks for such high praise! I have at last opted for an RV called the "Plunder Mobile"

Amy: The Pamida phone call was likely my finest hour. Ever. I still don't know why the caller got so agitated with me. I was only trying to be helpful.

Shelly said...

You worked at Pamida? Or was that just a randam act of kindness while shopping there one day?

Reluctant Kerry said...

Heya Shelly!

Nah, I didn't work there, but while shopping the phone in our isle started ringing. I answered the phone and attempted to describe some of the wrapping paper and ribbons that took my eye.