Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BYU Merchandising

Max is too young to know it yet, but he is a University of Wyoming fan. While he was still gestating away, his mom was sewing Cowboy pennants for his nursery.

With potty training just around the corner, I cannot think of anything more suitable for Max to poop on.

I may just buy one of these BYU potty trainers over at Varsity Baby.

Now Max can learn to defecate and desecrate all at the same time!


Jed said...


Because as we all know, even as adults, I've seen full grown BYU fans pull their pants and things down to their ankles to sidle up to the urinal.

This way, as soon as Max sees or hears anything BYU related, he'll just start pissing uncontrollably over everything in site.

Just like me.

Reluctant Kerry said...

Permission to call you "Pissy Uncle Jed"?

Jed said...


I say, honored if Max "Power" Gaines called me Uncle anything.

Better go with Uncle Foghorn though.

Reluctant Kerry said...

Done and done.

Shelly said...

We could use a BYU shitter in our house too.