Sunday, June 18, 2006

berries bunnies bassets and burns

It was kinda like "The Perfect Storm" only instead of working on a fishing rig, I was taking the dogs for a walk. But in all other respects . . . it was pretty much the same. Even before I walked out the front door, the stage was set for disaster.

I have two Basset Hounds. While Fred and Mae are short dogs, they are by no means small dogs. If you combine their respective poundage, they weigh more than I do.

The mulberry trees along our trail are loaded with berries. The fruit that has fallen to the ground has attracted hoards of rabbits.

A fun little fact about Bassets -- they were bred by Belgian Monks to hunt rabbits. Interesting, no?

So the dogs and I rounded a corner, and were standing on a dewy (and slippery) hill when the dogs spotted a half dozen rabbits feasting upon the berry bounty. The events that follow are still a bit of a blur, but here is what I do recall:

  • Fred and Mae freeze and point.
  • The rabbits spot the hounds.
  • The rabbits scatter.
  • The hounds bolt in opposite directions.
  • Fred circles around behind me.
  • I frantically race to untangle the twisted leashes.
  • Fred knocks my feet out from under me, and races down the hill.
  • SEARING PAIN behind my left knee!!!
  • A steady stream of expletives unbefitting a young lady.
So I have some lovely bruising and a feisty rope burn adorning my thigh. I like it. Makes me look tough.

There was a lesson learned here. This is more than an idle warning.


I must agree. Leg burning/cutting is most certainly NOT OK. If only I had been better informed before walking the dogs.

I will not get caught unprepared again, though. I've done a little research on the issue. Turns out that eye hazards and amputated fingers are also "NOT OK." I guess I got lucky ... this time.