Monday, September 11, 2006


You know ... I am pretty good with putting up with constructive criticism, reminders about upcoming deadlines, and cajoling from those people responsible for keeping me organized. I appreciate it indeed. However, I suddenly become much less cooperative -- and much less friendly -- when I feel like I am being talked down to.

This is why I have come to loath my snooty, self-righteous, calendar program. Too much attitude from a computer program, if you ask me. Let me share with you the admonition I received this morning.
You have 19 to-do items which are overdue. Deadlines should only be
specified when the are real; otherwise they lose their reminder value.

Your to-do list is so long that it may not be realistic to have it all on
today's list, and some of those items are getting rather stale.
You should go through the list to see what you can assign to other days so that today's real tasks are more effectively organized.

Fair enough. Computer says I need to update my to-do list. Who am I to argue with reason?