Thursday, September 11, 2008

To hell with camping, let's all go INTRUDING!

My family was driving down the highway when we passed a recreational vehicle with the adorable little name of "INTRUDER"

When Matt and I reach that magical age when we buy matching sweatsuits, take up square dancing, and enter the RV market, I don't think we will want to buy a camper with such a mamby-pamby name. Oh no. We will be looking for something just a tad more menacing, more environmentally terroristic. Something along these lines:

"The Defiler"

"The Penetrator"

and my favorite . . . .

. . . the luxurious "Woods Rapist"


Deirdre said...

LMAO -- what a fantastic post!

Deirdre said...

Sorry, I just came back and read this again and have a tear in my eye. I've also forwarded it to my family. (People not know for their love of camping -- but this they'd go for. One of each, please.)