Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just Like Real Life

I spotted this ad with a cute little dollar sign couple. It struck a note with me.

The husband dollar sign is clearly the frugal member of the couple (read, tight-fisted skinflint). He is extending an arm around his wife, a patronizing gesture placing her under his frugal wing. The wife makes no attempt to return his embrace. Note the distance between the couple. She is obviously seething.

This is the sad state of this couple's relationship, turned tragically sour and resentful by the husband's oppressive frugality.


Buy me a new sofa!


Workman said...

Have I missed something or are you under the misapprehension that we're married?

100 years ago, that kind of thing would have gone over just fine. Less so now.

Reluctant Kerry said...

Well I am living in Utah now . . . but polyandry never did seem to catch on.

Alas, my (singular) husband's name is also Matt. He fulfills my every need, except for that of new furniture!