Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dying Declaration

I really wish I could find the entire debate presented in this episode of the Family Guy. Here's the rest of the sparkling dialogue not included in this clip:

PETER: It’s not a great scene. I have no idea what they’re talking about, it’s like they're speaking a different language. That’s where I lose interest and fade away.

CHRIS: They’re speaking Italian!

LOIS: The language they’re speaking is the language of subtlety, something you don’t understand.

PETER: I love The Money Pit . . . That is my answer to that statement.

LOIS: Exactly.

PETER: Well, there you go.

LOIS: Whatever.

CHRIS: I like that movie too.

*** UPDATE ***

Here it is!!

Family Guy - Godfather


Anonymous said...

Peter's obviously a philistine, because that's a great movie. Not sure about the Money Pit, but if Chris likes it, it must be good. Do you have a favorite Chris line? Mine's:


Reluctant Kerry said...

Why yes, yes I do have a favorite Chris line: