Monday, February 25, 2008

Picky eater

I was starving, I didn't have time leave the office to grab lunch. My Doritos got caught in the vending machine and repeated kicking and punching would not dislodge my would-be-high-sodium-lunch. That left me with the snack of last resort: carrot cake.

Why do bakers find it fit to put vegetables inside of a desert? Carrot cake makes about as much sense as mixing broccoli into chocolate cupcakes. I am also not a fan of the raisin, which I regard as the chewy ruiner of otherwise yummy oatmeal cookies.

By the time I navigated the carrot and raisin landmines, and ate the morsels of iffy cake in-between, this was the the carnage left behind:

I am beginning to understand why people don't take me in public to eat anymore. You should see what I do to a supreme pizza.


Coby said...

As for the raisins--yes!! It puzzles me why one would take dehydrated grapes, and REhydrate them by mixing them with eggs, oil, milk or what have you, then baking them into things. They go from nice chewy trail mix tidbits to grapes again, but this time slimy, soggy grapes in the middle of otherwise delish baked goods. Blech!!
I spend a fair bit of time volunteering on a hospital ship in West Africa--good times, but the food is notoriously lacking. One special treat--pancake Wednesdays! Imagine my horror one week when I took a big bite of what I thought was a chocolate chip pancake--raisins! Gah! Our new cook, a volunteer like the rest of us, got many politely worded scoldings, and the raisin pancakes were never heard from again. Good riddance.

Reluctant Kerry said...

I applaud you in taking a brave stance against the raisin.

There truly are fewer things more wrong in this world that raisins posing as a chocolate chip. The mouth is prepared for a morsel of cocoa goodness, the resulting surprise after biting into a raisin in stead is an insult both in terms of taste and texture.

Strangely though, I have no objection to dehydrated cranberries are cherries. I have weird (but wonderful) culinary rules.