Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feeling mighty catty today

Have you had a chance to see the much-ballyhooed photos of the nekked Lindsay Lohan?

Here she is posing as a be-speckled Marylin Monroe atop tousled linens.

Here's my problem with the photo -- the placement of the bedsheets. Perhaps they were arranged in such a manner to preserve Ms. Lohan's modesty (demurely concealing the rumored firecrotch). But after seeing this picture, my mind immediately set to work filling in the missing information obscured by the sheets.

The result is unflattering, to say the least.



It is apparent that I have not mastered the manly skill of undressing attractive women with my eyes.


Deirdre said...

hahahaha! that's great. and it's not just fat, but CELLULITE, that scorge of women everywhere.