Monday, February 18, 2008

Sorry about all the hearts lately

You will never guess what Max said for the first time this morning!!!

That's right. He said "MAMA."


So it went down like this:

Me: Good morning Littleman!

Max: Mama.



I . . . Am . . . Mama.


He's been saying "Dad" for months. You wouldn't believe the sense of validation I have now that he has personally addressed me as well.

Question regarding responsible parenting: Is it too soon to get this tattooed on my kid?


Deirdre said...

The sound "M" is very difficult for infants to pronounce. So not only has he validated you as his parent, he's demonstrated that he's actually *smarter* than he was when he said "Dad."

Not to take anything away from your husband, of course. "Dad" was it's own milepost of mental acuity.

Reluctant Kerry said...

Hey Thanks!

I will freely admit my bias, but I am still reasonably certain that Max is gifted.

Workman said...

Indeed, he is much smarter now that he says "mom." The kid needs to know what side his bread is buttered on.

As for the tattoo, it's never too early for that kind of thing.