Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It was like the perfect storm.

A mother's moment of inattentiveness,
burgeoning incisors,
and a baby with a head cold . . . .


Do you see where this is going?!

I sat down to nurse Max (who now has teeth on the top and bottom). We were all set up with his boppy, situated in the rocking chair, and just about to begin, when the this harrowing chain of events unfolded:
  • Max opened wide
  • I looked away to talk to Matt
  • Max SNEEZED and CLAMPED down!


(We are working on the coarse language around our house)

It's trying times like these when one must remember to "count your blessing." For instance, I am grateful to be living in this age of modern prosthesis.


Anonymous said...

you are exceedingly funny Ms. Gaines!!!

Reluctant Kerry said...

Awww shucks!

If but one person has found laughter out of my tragedy . . . it will have all been worth it.

Amanda L said...

Thanks for posting and not lurking anymore b/c I love your blog! So far so good on the adoption it is set to be final on the 20th of May. We sincerly appreciate your prayers.

Rick Andersen said...

Was it Max who bit down or Matt? They are both about the same size you know. Matt has tried to "tune in Tokyo" with me before and that ended in disaster also.

Reluctant Kerry said...

Thanks for the love Amanda!

Reluctant Kerry said...

Dr. Anderson, you freaky little monkey. I will thank both you and Matt to say away from each other's man-nipples. Don't make me tell you again.