Friday, April 18, 2008

Smart Alec for Hire

I have three questions for you:
(yes you)

  1. Are you an attorney living in Salt Lake City area?
  2. Do you know an attorney living in Salt Lake City area?
  3. Are you aware of law firms in the Salt Lake City area who need to hire a wise-cracking attorney?
If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions drop me a note! I would like very much to be employed when we move to Utah this summer.

My pitch:

  • I am a hoot to have around the office
  • I leave snacks in the break room
  • I know my way around the courtroom

Until I have at least three decent job leads I will be on a humor strike! No more funny for you unless I get my way.


Deirdre said...

Thank god I read this on today, Friday, April 19. Otherwise I would be so pissed that you aren't posting anymore.

That'll happen on Monday, I suppose.

I'm not a lawyer nor do I live in Salt Lake City, but my great-grandfather, John Judge, founded Salt Lake City. There is a building or two named after him -- Judge Memorial Catholic High School, and the Judge Building.

I just did a quick google search and found this quote:

"We like the building. We think it's a good building. And we think it's a great location," said Wayne G. Petty, a Salt Lake City attorney serving as registered agent for the purchasing partners.

So there you go. Call this guy and tell him the great-granddaughter of the man who gave the money to build the building whose purchase he brokered in May 2007 says "Hire the reluctant homunculus."

Reluctant Kerry said...


I'll be shipping off my resume to be opened with in the renowned walls of the Judge Building POST HASTE!

(The term "post haste" always make me chuckle)

Arnold Quads said...

okay, all I can say is that you crack me up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi... first time visitor, and I have to answer in the negative to all three of your questions.... but if I hear of anything, you will be the first person I notify.

Good luck... and near as I can tell, it would be lots of fun working with you, as I work with some of the most humorless people on the planets (Feds).