Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What exactly are you trying to tell me?

The eternal question: What is the greatest gift I could give my family?

Unconditional love? Security? Support? Warm-and-fuzzy memories?

No, no. According to the folks at Accuquote, the most wonderful gift I could ever give to my beloved family is the gift of life insurance.

Is that supposed to make me want to do business with Accuquote? Oh, I picked up on the ever-so-subtle potshot. Their ad should just say:

I hate you, Accuquote.


Deirdre said...

Maybe they know something. The best thing you can give your family is life insurance, because if you don't buy our life insurance? Let's just say you ain't gonna see that baby graduate kindergarten.

Reluctant Kerry said...

That's downright sinister!

Dr. Joanne Cacciatore said...

Corporate America leaves little to genuine relationships, does it? :-)

Great post!