Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hooray. I have career options!

I am officially unemployed. I just wrapped up my old job and am now fully immersed in that most joyful of undertakings: the job hunt. .


(I hate to lay a guilt trip here, but I am still awaiting SLC job leads . . . whenever you guys get a chance . . . surely you haven't forgotten about me)

I have some interviews lined up in the next few weeks, but for every single interview offer I get, I receive at least three very pleasant rejection letters.

Things are looking good. I have been assured that my résumé is "very impressive" and that many prospective employers will be keeping my information "on file." Oh yes my friends, I am as good as employed.

My favorite rejection letter to date was from an insurance company who was seeking an in-house defense attorney. In their rejection response, they indicated that they had just filled the position . . . however . . . (brace yourselves) . . . my qualifications were so Got-dang phenomenal that I should consider becoming an insurance agent with their company.

I am flattered to say the least.

I say a career move from lawyer to insurance agent is at least one notch over on the dirtbag continuum.

¯I'm a-movin’ on up . . . ¯


Anonymous said...

Kerry you still make me laugh! I found your blog when I was on maureen's blog. It is crazy how everyone has changed in 11 years. By the way this is Val from Rawlins..(no I do not live there) but I do live in SLC so when you are here if you ever want to go hang out with the kids let me know.

Reluctant Kerry said...

Hey Val! How wonderful to hear from you! I will always remember you as the first kid I knew with the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Mother's Milk" tape. Who's cooler than you? I submit that the answer is "NO ONE!"

Shoot me your email address and I will pepper you with additional and endless drivel.