Thursday, April 20, 2006

Baby Take-Out

I love it when I get useful tips and how-to's. These helpful pointers make life simpler, and help me save some time.

Tips I have found useful:

  • how to keep your pasta from sticking
  • how to avoid injury in the shower
  • how to install an internet counter

Here's a tip I recently came across, that was not so much helpful, but a lot of damn work:

How to Adopt a Baby from China


Seriously . . . WHAT?!

Allow me to share the following:

"Adopting a child from China is an exciting opportunity for your family, but you'll have many papers to file before the pitter-patter of little feet fills your home."

Good LORD! Are we talking puppies or babies here?

I will tell you what I find more troubling (cause you asked so nicely). There are only 14 measly steps between you and your exotic new baby. That's it. Just the 14. Not a single step more.

The only problem is that once you complete this simple 14-step process . . . you have a BABY! That doesn't make my life any simpler . . . this "tip" can only complicate the hell out of it.

As always, my humble little comment board is open. Please feel free to share with me any of your own tips. I will welcome any "how-to" that DOES NOT ultimately involve me saving for college or buying a pony.

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