Friday, April 07, 2006

Modern-Day Achilles

I am such an elegant young woman. Ask anyone who knows me. "A the paragon of grace and poise," they'll say.

So I was running slightly late for an appointment, which just means that my 15 minute to half-hour pad was getting trimmed down by some other work. I rushed to finish up, grabbed directions to where I needed to be going, and hopped in my car.

Here's where I really went wrong. I missed the turn that would take me to the interstate, and wound up having to navigate my way through downtown during lunch hour traffic. DAMNIT! I could see my schedule padding disappearing before my very eyes!

You should have heard the filthy string of profanity that spewed from my lady-like mouth as I came to a dead halt for 15 minutes in traffic! I should have written some of it down, really. Many phrase were sheer profane-artistry! Something about the construction worker in front of me making sweet, sweet love to one of those pylons blocking two lanes of traffic for no identifiable reason. I forget exactly what I was shouting. I may have blacked out for rage, I'm not sure.

Something did go my way though. You had better believe I made an utter mockery of the posted speed limit, and I did so without receiving a huge ticket (which I would have amply deserved).

I arrived in the parking lot of my destination at the exact minute that I was to be at my appointment. I figured if I could manage to make my appearance within the next 60 seconds I would be GOLDEN. However to make it on time required some running. That's OK though because I consider among my most marketable professional assets, the ability to run in heels.

I just wasn't expecting that crack in the sidewalk . . .

That's my shoe on the left.

To the right you will find its dismembered heel.

Sadly, this little incident set me back a few minutes.

So, in summary, despite my very best attempts . . . I was late.

Even so, you will be happy to know that I managed to pull together a degree of wobbly decorum. I stand (unevenly) before you, a modern-day Achilles. Posted by Picasa


Joey T Hoover said...

I am thoroughly glad I do not have to wear heels. Although I play a mean game of basketball in cowboy boots. you never mention whether you were injured or if you were late

Reluctant Kerry said...

(1) I was late
(2) No injury! (well, to the shoe, just not to me)