Monday, April 17, 2006

The Count

So you’ve probably discovered my dirty little secret by now. I am very much a blogging amateur. In truth, I have no discernable computer skills beyond email.

Don’t you judge me!

I’m good at other things . . . like . . . just trust me – I am good at some other stuff, I’m sure.

Given my lack of computer / internet proficiency I was crazy-excited that I figured out how to put a little hit-counter-thingie (technical term) on my site – ALL BY MYSELF !!!
Scroll down . . .

Lower . . . .

Lower . . .

There it is! At the bottom of the page.

I really did need this technology, too. These tens and tens of readers won’t just be counting themselves!

Plus, I really think this ups the Reluctant Homunculus’ prestige-factor. You can feel quite smug in being one of only a dozen or so readers world-wide.


Threeee! Three wonderful readers!! (thunder and lightening) AH! AH! AH!


Anonymous said...

Hail....Hail.....the goddess of the counter!!! We will worship you with our numbers!!!

Reluctant Kerry said...

I wasn't really in the market for disciples . . . but I just don't have the heart to turn away worshippers.

Welcome to the fold!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry, long time reader, 1st time writer, love you love your blog... just wanted to say that i like the addition of the counter.