Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clock Watching

I have so much stuff I need to be doing this morning. I am having difficulty concentrating, though (not the first time I have struggled with this topic).

Today is MATCH DAY !!!!

At noon today we will learn with which residency program Matt has matched.

Will we remain in this Midwest Land O' Corn? Will we be returning to our beloved Mountain West?!


So, we know we will be moving, we just don't know where . . . until NOON, that is.

Last night was Christmas Eve for our family. This morning we are sleepy, we are giddy, we want to know where to start shopping for a our very first house!

I really just don't think I can get anything done today.
- - - - - - - - - - - UPDATE - - - - - - - - - -
YAY! Matt matched with his first choice! We are headed back to the mountains, BABY!
Max can learn to ski, and we will have use, once again, of our climbing shoes!!!!


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! We are excited you we be much closer to us again.


Reluctant Kerry said...

So excited it appears you actually forgot about fingers and typed this with your face!

That's mean I take it back (I did make myself laugh, though).

Let me guess. You, like me, found yourself typing while holding a wrigling baby boy???

Anyhoo . . . the feeling is mutual little sis. Can't wait to get back there and see you guys!