Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Disastrous cropping

This has to be one of the best photos I have ever taken of Max. Admittedly, the quality is poor, but it makes me laugh every damn time I see it.

He was only about three months old at the time, but was still able to clearly communicate his displeasure with his parents despite being plugged with his pacifier.

I loved this picture so much that I decided that I needed to have it reproduced in mug form. I eagerly looked forward to sipping a warm beverage as our sweet son gives me the finger.
I was bitterly disappointed when my mug arrived:

They cropped his first obscene gesture right out of the photo!!! Now we just have a mug with a poor quality photo. What's worse is the fact that I am undoubtedly too lazy to bother to re-order.
So, I have moved on. I am contemplating redesigning the mast on Max's blog. This way he can flip off friends and family en mass.

Max says, "Nuts to you, hippies!"


Shelly said...

Damn them cup makers! How dare they crop out Max's finger!

On that same note, I was setting up an online account for one of the bazillion student loans of my husbands. As part of the security they have you select a picture and then write a phrase to be shown with it to prove that your link is secure. Well, the picture I was given was some sort of unidentified food item. So my phrase was "Looks like crap". It was immediately rejected for being "obscene" and I had to make up a new phrase. Bastards!

Reluctant Kerry said...

Potty mouth Shadrick!

Matt and I thought were were being hilarious when we had our online bill pay fill in "Corn Snatch Cream" in the memo field of a check for Mary Kay products.

Still makes me giggle.