Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cookie Confidence

Sweet Merciful McGillicutty it was cold this morning! I had to stand in the parking lot in my none-too-warm silk skirt scraping frost from my windhield.
I raged, raged at the elements. Fist clenched I commanded "MAKE IT WARMER, DAMINIT. WARMER I SAY!!!" So that amused me and I went about my commute to the office.
About an hour later I was freezing in my office and finding myself again longing for some warmer weather. Willing a few more degrees with all my mental might.
By the time I went to lunch at a nearby Chinese reataurant, it had actully begun to warm. Is it possible that I had a hand in that??? Of course not. That's just silly. Or IS it???
Let me take this chance to share with you, verbatem, the message contained in my fortune cookie:
Today is a beautiful day.
That's right, BABY! It is me!! The current temperature is a spingy 50 degrees.
Tomorrow I need to set my mind on a perpetually full box of girlscout cookies(Samoas, fo course). Ahhhhhh . . . the power of the cookie.