Thursday, March 16, 2006

Filet O' ???

This is bothersome.

This so-called food product that you could theoretically go and purchase from any nearby McDonalds.

The Filet 'o Fish.

What kind of fish? Hell if I know. But it comes with a guarantee of 100% bona fide fishiness.


That's 100% of something my friend. It doesn't exactly say the word "fish" but based on the cute drawing provided you are more than welcome to make such an inference.

I'm a little concerned about the sauce as well. Phlegmy. Definitely has a phlegmy appearance to it.

I do, however, enjoy the waves graphic on the bottom of the ad. THAT's just how fresh this fishy meal is. Straight from some unknown body of navigable water floating, refugee-style, on a bun raft. Yummmmm freedom-seeking fish patty . . .

So I am curious . . . does anyone eat this culinary monstrosity??? How?!

Let me know. I desire to learn.