Thursday, March 16, 2006

Economy Travel

H m m m m . . . .

This is the box that I found by the back door of my office this morning.

I have taken a photo . . . as I thought some would find such an item to be unbelievable. But believe it you must.

This, it seems, is a Britax baby shipping and/or storage container.

I don't have kids . . . but if you do, and want only the very best for your munchkin, I whole-heartedly endorse Britax for your storing and shipping needs.

!!! GENIUS !!!

Just cram your sweetie into the container with a favorite toy, a PB & J, and a shit-load of packing peanuts, and let Britax* ship that little bastard to Gamma's house for the summer.

* Britax is not responsible for lost or stolen children. Parent is responsible for ensuring appropriate air holes. Extra shipping may be required for portly children and hyperactive toddlers. Do not ship with glass or other breakables. It is the responsiblily of the shipping parent to ensure timely opening by recipient. Contents perisable.