Thursday, May 18, 2006


The following is my very own list of Frequently Asked Questions (do you see yours in there?)

Q~ So what exactly is the official "midget cut-off"?

Q~ Have you seen my pants?

Q~ Wow, Is that a freckle-stache you have there?

Q~ What the hell are you looking at?

Q~ Won't you take me to ... Funky Town?

Q~ We don't carry your size, have your tried GAP kids?

Q~ How'd you get this number?!

Q~ Run along and fetch me some coffee, won't you?

Q~ So, how come no tan?

Q~ Who are you again?


with sprinkles said...

A frequently asked question my friends get is, "what's up with him?" in regards to me.

Reluctant Kerry said...

Yeah, I get that a lot about you, too. I don't really have a good answer.

I usually just say, "he makes fabulous iPastry."