Sunday, August 27, 2006

French Tip Toe

I have a question for women who get the fancy French pedicure:

Why do you want your toes to look like fingers?



Anonymous said...

Hey, you are in danger of exceeding your yearly toe-post quota. Do it again and I notify the auhorities. Or, I make some lame joke about Cheetos, Fritos, mosquitos, Doritos, or cabrito.

Ditto said...

Hey, what about taquito or burrito? What happened to those?

Reluctant Kerry said...

c'mon ... you KNOW you can't do too much on the rich, rich topic of toes.

Toes are funny. especially when painted to look like fingers with long luxurious french manicured nails

Hey! I don't need to defend myself to you!!!

(ok, I'm sorry about my tone. I'm just sensitive regarding the topic of toes. I shouldn't have snapped like that.)