Monday, August 07, 2006

Safety First

We spent last week in Wyoming (ahh mountains, how I missed you!). On our way home yesterday we stopped at an iffy truck stop in Nebraska. I was fumbling with the restroom door in an effort to open it without touching the doorknob when I overheard an interesting exchange between a mom and her young daughter.

DAUGHTER: I'm going back out to the van.
MOM: Don't get kidnapped!
DAUGHTER: Okay, I'll try not to.

Now there is some fine, fine parenting. Mother was protective yet firm. Daughter was responsive and promised to give it her very best effort. That's really all anyone can ask of a child ... that they try.

Here's another interesting item we noticed in the lovely state of Nebraska -- Gas Camp -- which I can only assume is a summer program for children suffering from gastrointestinal maladies. Neat!


devnet said...

It's my home state! Gotta love it!

I can't begin to tell you the number of odd things I found growing up in western small-town Nebraska. Gas Camps reign supreme across the flat water state. I feel sorry for those kids though.

Thank [insert diety here] that I live in civilization now on the east coast.

Reluctant Kerry said...

I think I'll choose . . . JEEBUS!

"Thank [JEEBUS] that I live in civilization now on the east coast."


Another Nebraska sign that makes me giggle is MORMON ISLAND.

I imagine a reality TV show in which a recently returned missionary is placed on an island with 100 crafty freshman girls from BYU. If he escapes the island without getting engaged, he wins $1,000,000!

Carol said...

I grew up in Western Nebraska and live in Wyoming now.
We were traveling in NW Nebr several years ago. One truck stop was the only place open late at night. The bathroom was past due for cleaning. The tp roll was sitting up on its roller bar.
When I picked it up a mouse dropped out. He circled the floor a couple times and ran up the cloth towell roll dangling from the dispenser and puddled on the floor. Ahhh Nebraska memories.

Reluctant Kerry said...

That's really funny (mostly because it didn't happen to ME).

I find it is best to get a nice big shot of penicillin after such a road trip. You really can't be too careful.

devnet said... island...that's by my hometown of Grand Island, NE.

What in JEEBUS' name were you doing there?

Reluctant Kerry said...

Just spotted the road sign on I-80. I must say I am intrigued. I'll have to stop by and watch the festivities next time I pass through.

I'll wear my UW Cowboys sweatshirt to stir up the Mormon-centric crowd. That's right! I am an instigator!