Thursday, May 11, 2006

Officially Aging

It finally happened.

In one moment it became abundantly clear: I am getting old.

I got stuck behind a flashing school bus while driving to work this morning. I looked over and saw a number of cute little kids boarding the bus when I noticed that their bus stop was a friggin' gazebo.

How idyllic! How very nice for these pampered little kids.

When I was that age I didn't have a picturesque gazebo as my bus stop. The location of my bus stop could be best described as (swear to God) a snowdrift. That's right a S-N-O-W-D-R-I-F-T!

I have vivid memories of huddling behind said snowdrift, wind howling, mentally willing the bus to hurry up lest I should die from exposure to the elements.

A snowdrift!

The drift below looks very much like my childhood bus stop. We would stand in the space between the drift and the fence behind it, our little teeth chattering away as we waited. How nuts is THAT?! Why would you do that to children?

I suddenly understand why rational adults become curmudgeons. I seem to be undergoing my very own curmudgeon transition ... starting this morning.